About Jack Hundial

Jack Hundial is a long-time conservative. He believes in the free market, and that people should take both responsibility and ownership for their futures.

Jack believes in smaller government and an accountable government that answers to the Public.

Jack believes in long held Canadian values of personal freedom and also the value of taking responsibility for your actions. He promotes the vision of a stronger and free Canada for everyone.

Jack Hundial served as an elected City Councillor in Surrey from 2018-2022.

Jack lives in the Fleetwood-Port Kells riding with his family. He was born and raised in Terrace, BC and served in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for over 25 years, retiring in 2017 from Surrey Detachment as a Staff Sergeant. He currently works for FortisBC.


Jack Hundial has a solid reputation and diverse experience serving Surrey. This makes him ideally suited to represent Fleetwood-Port Kells in Ottawa.

Jack has lived in Fleetwood-Port Kells for over 20 years. He is a family-focused father of 2 children.

Hundial retired as an RCMP Staff Sergeant with over 25 years of policing experience. His law enforcement career began as a front-line police officer in Surrey. He clearly understands Surrey’s law and order issues and has valuable insights into the solutions we need.

Jack Hundial also has direct experience working for the 2 largest energy producers and suppliers in BC (Hydro and Fortis) to combat energy theft. This work supports ratepayers in keeping their energy costs down.

Jack has also owned a local small business in Surrey.

Political Experience

Jack served as an elected City of Surrey Councillor from 2018 – 2022

  • Representative of the City of Surrey, liaising with multiple levels of government, including local indigenous governments and the Surrey School Board
  • Participation in Council and committee meetings and contributing to decision making both verbally and in writing
  • Follow the rules of legislation, bylaws, and Council policies and exercise those authorities
  • Communication and mitigation of community concerns with constituents
  • Participation in public events as a representative of the City of Surrey and as the Acting Mayor of the City of Surrey


Jack has a strong and well documented history of fighting for Surrey taxpayers and business owners across all levels of government and has a demonstrated record of working with elected officials across all levels of government.

  • Director, Metro Vancouver Board
  • Chair, City of Surrey Audit Committee
  • Chair, City of Surrey Agriculture and Food Policy Advisory Committee
  • Chair, City of Surrey Parcel Tax Review
  • Trustee, City of Surrey Library Board
  • Establish an Office of the Ethics Commissioner in Surrey, BC, which set a precedent for local government in British Columbia

Why vote for Jack to represent you?

Jack is a common-sense Conservative whose personal values are in line with those of the Conservative Party of Canada when it comes to addressing key issues of a mounting housing crisis for both homeowners and renters, implementing strong fiscal management of taxpayer funds, a balanced approach on immigration what which enhances Canada and Canadian values, and a strong international relationship that strengthens Canada and the Canadian economy.

Please support Jack by becoming a Conservative member so you can vote for him in the party’s Nomination contest, which is happening soon.


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