SHAKE IT UP OR SHUT IT DOWN - Tanna Mayer's suggestion


Hello! Could you please tell me if a senile exhausted senior citizen accidently turns the sprinkler on their front City of Surrey Boulevard garden which contains, tress, shrubs, flowers lovingling planted and cared for if they would receive a warning or an actual ticket that costs yet more money, the day Laporte Moving is loading their meager belongings,? This violation will take place on August 29th 2018. The exhausted senile senior will be gone, with her dog and her husband, (in that order) on August 30th. 7 AM, with no forwarding address, email, or phone numbers. (Witness Protection Program) And we all know why we are moving, from the home we lived in since 1984. if you do not, simply contact the City Of Surrey Planning Department for all the sad details. I am not aware at this writing if any previous warnings or violations against me have been documented by you. Thank you, Of sound mind and body, Tanna Hope Mayer 7365 145A Street Surrey, BC ( I LOVE WATER TOO) and photoshop. Why don't you actually sell these sprinklers as a fundraiser for trees or animals? Give a tax write off..... There are currently no status symbols associated with your watering bags, rain barrels, or sprinklers. Remember, sex sells. What about a wet tshirt contest down at City Hall to kick off the campaign? Newspaper ads of sexy local politician in a wet tshirt, it would go viral, magnifying your free publicity. (Why not leave office with a bang) We Love Water printed over her wet breasts....

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